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The Inventors of the Swing

This painting changed drastically more than once. I almost feel like it took four paintings to get this one. It’s 50″ x 50″ . It goes along with the Thought Bubble Series I made a few months ago. I think the next one will combine that series with the “Be Series”.


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Pictures just before Opening of show at Alexander Salazar Fine Art.

Paintings from street view at Alexander Salazar photo-73

Thanks To everyone who came out to the show last night.

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Work In progress

This is one of my new paintings that I am working on for next months show at Alexander Salazar in San Diego. It is about 70″ x 56″ no title yet.


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My studio is starting to fill up

About half way done with my goal of at least ten large paintings for upcoming solo show at Alexander Salazar Fine Art in San Diego. The paintings in the photo are a work in progress.


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Working on a new series

The Past _MG_3570 _MG_3582 IMG_3578 Working in the studio on a new series of paintings. These are two of the three I have made as of today. I am hoping to make three more large paintings, then I will start on some half this size or smaller I would imagine.  My youngest Daughter Ariana’ s abstract painting of a rainbow is in the background giving me inspiration.

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View from a Swing Set

“View from a Swing Set” mixed media on canvas. 27″ x 22″ . Another painting I think I finished after taking 6 months without touching it.

27" x 22" mixed media on canvas.

27″ x 22″ mixed media on canvas.

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I have been working on and off on this painting. Pulled the painting out and sprayed some orange on it. Gallery.


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