Greg Holden Regan

Greg Regan was born February 1, 1974 in La Jolla, California. He spent the early part of his life traveling throughout California fishing and hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and surfing the coast of southern California. Surfing and athletics were the main focus of his youth and would later influence his art. Greg’s inspiration for art is similar to the feeling of surfing a wave where the instincts are driving the body, not the mind and emotions. The more centered in the body, like surfing, the better the result of the art and the more quality the experience.

Painting is connecting the consciousness with the physical and trying to make sense of this connection through the application of paint, ink, pencil and spray on the canvas. It mirrors the feeling of running, surfing or climbing a rocky cliff. This is the intense feeling he wants when he paints.

Greg is now emerging on to the art scene in California recently creating an extensive series of paintings for his solo show as Artist in Residence at Alexander Salazar Fine Art. He has also participated in a group shows with top artists from San Diego and Los Angeles. Greg is excited to bring his art to Denmark were he has travelled annually for the past decade.






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  1. Really enjoyed your videos

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